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From Jack Park <>
Subject Re: User interface observations
Date Sat, 24 Sep 2011 17:46:04 GMT
Continuing the saga: Joe creates a tag while in a shared pool. Joe sees 
the tag. It does not show up in the views of others, including when the 
pool, itself, is selected.  Are tags not public objects visible to all?

The tag *is* in the message viewed in the pool to others, just not in 
the tag cloud.

Thanks in advance (still learning)

On 9/24/2011 10:38 AM, Jack Park wrote:
> Everything I'm reporting is from the perspective of a naive user; no
> deep thinking is engaged. Thus, for instance, not realizing I would need
> to refresh the pool view in order to pick up a new user that came online
> while that view is still bound internally, provoked a bug report that's
> not a bug at all.
> Now, I am happy to report that Joe is a member of my pool; Joe sent a
> message to that pool. The number of exploratory gestures necessary to
> see that message in my pool is the subject of this observation.
> I ended up having to look at Streams.
> Then I ended up having to select my pool in that stream. But, that's not
> enough. I had to turn on a check box that says something about pool
> filters.
> I'm guessing that, over time, I'll recognize just how powerful those
> sequences really are; just reporting that they did not come from any
> intuitions about the user interface. Not even complaining, just
> observing, wondering how else to get there from here...
> Jack

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