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From Jack Park <>
Subject First running 1.3 observations
Date Fri, 23 Sep 2011 05:40:33 GMT
Now that it's running, aside from a CSS issue with Firefox mentioned 
below, it's being confusing in relation to pools.

I created a pool.
In another browser (IE), I created another user, "joe", and made some 
posts. Then, went back to my account and tried to add "joe" into my 
pool.  (The "Edit" button is someone misleading).  I can type in joe for 
the user, and give him either a Read or Write role. Click Add User 
button. Nothing happens. No "joe" in the list of users.  Tried his full 
name "Joe Sixpack" -- it really didn't like that, and still refused to 
accept "joe", not even giving an error message.

Joe is unable to "see" my pool in his browser.

Perhaps I'm missing something; just doing what seems intuitive.


On 9/22/2011 10:17 PM, Jack Park wrote:
> A first observation of runtime:
> Appearance is as expected in Chrome and IE
> Appearance in Firefox 6.0.2 on Win7 is such that it's clear that CSS is
> not being followed. Nothing is in place, all styling is missing. In
> fact, the "Public"link to switch the landing page to see all messages is
> missing.
> Jack

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