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From Daniel Koller <>
Subject Re: DOAP project description file draft for ESME ready
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2011 08:05:19 GMT

-re esme.rdf: that's the PMC file, where I need a confirmation on the PMC
chair (as this is currently a placeholder) - and this would have to be
checked in after the change.

- re. DOAP file: I can also maintain the file further: the line you
mentioned is - in RDF - terms just more explicit: the minimum thing is to
define a foaf:Person containing a foaf:name. (The mentioned resource/files
contains this and some more information)

Kind regards,


Am 22.06.11 09:57 schrieb "Richard Hirsch" unter <>:

>@Daniel - just looked at the doap_ESME.rdf .file.  Looks good - do you
>want to keep the mainatiner line. Or is there something else that we
>can use that is Apache-specific?
>         maintainer rdf:resource="
>The esme.rdf .file looks fine. If no one has any objections, I'll
>check it into svn in a few days.
>On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 11:19 PM, Daniel Koller <>
>> Hi all,
>> Please find my drafted DOAP project description file at
>> .
>> An readable version of its content is available at:
>> xValidation=1#HTML .
>> For the homepage the following items are open (from the project
>> point of view):
>> * We currently miss a download page (for the time being I referred to
>> Web SVN view).
>> * We also miss an entry page for our mailinglist(s).
>> --> Both pages are mentioned in the project description.
>> As this was required I drafted also a description of the ESME PMC: it is
>> available at .
>> If there are no objections(after some days), I would like to ask one of
>> committers to check in both files in SVN.
>> Kind regards,
>> Daniel

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