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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Re: User page design questions/directions
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 17:27:05 GMT
On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 6:18 PM, Ethan Jewett <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> In my quest to switch all timelines over to the standard format (with comet
> support), I am now looking at doing the user page next. Example page:
> (Can't use mine
> as an example because my timeline is blank, as usual.)

No idea why it it is still blank

> This page is actually a little bit of an annoyance because it has two
> timelines on it. Also, the tab display is going to be trouble. I've been
> thinking about it a bit and come to the following conclusions:
> 1. We need to display both the contacts and a timeline on this page, so the
> tab display probably needs to stay, at least for now.

I might think of changing the UI though - the distinction between
followers / followed is pretty primitive
> 2. I'm not sure why we need the "Timeline" tab at all. Is it useful for
> others to be able to see (sort of) the timeline display that another user
> sees? I say "sort of" because you can't see messages that are in a pool you
> have access to. Twitter only displays the equivalent of the "Messages" tab,
> which I do see as very useful for making a follow/unfollow decision. I'm
> thinking about dropping the "Timeline" tab.

I agree - let's drop it.

> 3. We need to clean up the header. Maybe so it just says something like
> "Dick Hirsch - 'h'" in this example. We should also add the profile picture,
> probably to the left of the name.

The profile picture is actually there - (look at the code or look at
the pager in IE7) but is broken. I had a problem in lift where I
couldn't figure out to get it to work
> 4. I am thinking I will not want to put a message input box on this page, as
> it is not a pure timeline display, so it could be very confusing to users.

Agreed - no input box - although what happens if I want a message the
user that I am currently looking at. The "@user" could be added

> What do you all think? Do we need to keep the "Timeline" tab? Does anyone
> have anything else planned for this page that I should take into account?

> Ethan

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