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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Current list of UI-related problems
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 11:19:27 GMT
I just spent a few hours looking at all aspects of the UI and finding things
to change / fix before our next release. I'm going to work on some of the
smaller issues the next few days and then those items that are left will be
added to Jira with a better description.

The items are sorted and differentiated between changes and bugs...

links in messages should open in new windows
popular links should open in a new window
column headers have to be wider to deal with sort controls
Footer has to go on the bottom of page
Pagination for users.
search doesn't work
open-id doesn't work
streams page broken
my contacts needs more data?
My contacts: other font?
user page - "followers" / "followed" text other font
user timeline is broken: timeline and messages are the same.
user page: follow / unfollow button needs to be prettier
profile: add validation
sign-up: add validation
Tracks: tabe header width is broken
Tracks: Tracks with duplicate text shouldn't be allowed
Actions: Actions with duplicate names should be allowed
Actions: Help for test and actions are necessary
Token: Tokens with duplicate name shouldn't be allowed
Token: Table sorter for table is missing
Pools: Selectbox should be on top
Pools: Dialog should be fixed - it is ugly
Pools: Selection from user might be better
Pools: Links to user who are part if book
Tag: Title is ugly
Tag: Table sorter is broken
Main Page + other pages: Pagination for messages
User: Wordwrap for messages
Main (IE7) - Message display (tools area!) is broken - linked to <div
class="separator"> ?
Main (IE7) - Message resend broken
Public (IE7) - Public - JS errors - no idea why
Users (IE7) - word wrap broken
General: Selectboxes should be prettier
General: more Validation for other JQuery-based dialogs
Login: Error messages need be more visible
Login: Validation is missing
Main: Update without a message should be forbidden
Main: Search without a term should be forbidden

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