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From Anne Kathrine Petter√łe <>
Subject Re: Modal Dialogs: Getting there
Date Sun, 28 Mar 2010 10:52:39 GMT
I am just afraid that text wrapping is something which will take a significant amount of time
to get right.
Remember we have support the following browsers: 

I think we should put it in the backlog for now and remove these features from the UI for
the 1.1 release.
What say you?

On 27. mars 2010, at 15.42, Ethan Jewett wrote:

> Whoops! I just created ESME-186 and attached it there:
> Ethan
> On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 8:32 AM, Richard Hirsch <> wrote:
>> On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 3:20 PM, Ethan Jewett <> wrote:
>>> On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 4:58 AM, Richard Hirsch <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> What I'd like to do is use JQuery tool tips to display the help. I just
>>>> finished converting the action page and just deleted the help.
>>> That sounds just about perfect!
>>>> Good luck.  Do you have suggestion of how to display a long url? Maybe
>>> with
>>>> a mouse-over that displays the fulltext.
>>> I think for starters we could drop the # of clicks and get away from a
>>> table-based model to a list-based model in the html. That helps
>>> compact things a bit and gives us more ability to use CSS for managing
>>> text display. The next step is to force wrapping, which to the best of
>>> my knowledge is not really possible in CSS2. Fortunately CSS3 has the
>>> "word-wrap:break-word" style, which does exactly what we want.
>>> I've attached a mock-up done using CSS3 using this approach. What do you
>>> think?
>> Email it to me directly, since the esme-dev mailing deamon usually kills
>> attachments.
>> Or attach it to JIRA-100 item.
>>> As a last resort, if we can't find a way to extend this to non-CSS3
>>> browsers, we could probably do some fancy JS or something to insert
>>> spaces into the text representation of the link, allowing it to wrap.
>>>> What about creating dialogs but not modal dialogs.
>>> I think modal dialogs and normal dialogs suffer from the same
>>> disadvantages in this situation.
>>> Ethan

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