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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Re: ESME for Case Management
Date Sat, 13 Feb 2010 17:13:51 GMT
Chapter 6 in the long OMG document contains the "good stuff"


On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 6:08 PM, Richard Hirsch <> wrote:
> @sig: I thought you would find that interesting.  The document is
> quite large but primarily concentrates on creating models for case
> management processes. Once this model existed,  Thingamy could support
> it and then people could port Thingamy models to other environments
> and vice-versa.
> The blog that started my journey today was from Sandy Kemsley:
> Here is the full link to the OMG file:
> What I found very interesting was the following description from the document:
> "Automation of case management processes will
> •       Enhance the ability for business people to learn from case histories
> and make timely changes to a case management process model to evolve
> the process to be more prescriptive and repeatable
> •       Provide the means to ensure that appropriate records are
> maintained—a case file—for the history of the case and actions taken
> •       Provide for more timely initiation of appropriate action when
> relevant circumstances of a case change
> •       Provide for the application of regulations and policies at
> appropriate points in these ad hoc processes.
> •       Provide for the exchange of business process models that include
> case management constructs."
> I was thinking about the question whether ESME conversations could be
> considered part of the case file.  I was also considering how the
> "application of regulations and policies" - which reflect more of a
> structured approach to processes - would fit into Thingamy/ESME
> integration scenarios.
> By the way, I just don't ski during the week. Weekends too - in fact,
> I went cross country skiing twice today :->
> D.
> On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 5:34 PM, Sig Rinde <> wrote:
>> Hi Folks,
>> as the weather is rotten I'm having fun indoors - and thanks to Dick
>> who works week-ends and skis during the week I was led to a PDF in
>> regards Case Management (it was a two year invitation for Case
>> Management System Modelling proposal to extend BPMN in no less than 43
>> pages from - aka Oh My God dot org). It had neat definitions,
>> and the one for Case Management made me go yikes:
>> "A process that does not have a predefined sequence of activities but
>> is directed by human or encoded knowledge to act according to the
>> current situation of the subject of a case and related circumstances.
>> Each execution of a case management process involves a particular
>> situation, a case, and a desired outcome for that case. Each case
>> involves a particular subject (a person, a legal action, an insurance
>> claim, etc.) and the actions performed related to that subject to
>> achieve the desired result. The determination of actions to take in
>> each case involves the exercise of human judgement and
>> decision-making. A case management process will produce a case file
>> that is a record of the history of the case and may consist of
>> multiple documents or records from relevant sources that become case
>> file parts."
>> Which BTW is a perfect description of Thingamy's "Work Processor" template.
>> Dick again: "hearing more and more about "case management" as a way to
>> support unstructured business processes" I think duh, now I know
>> why...
>> Combined, this prompted me to all of fifteen minutes of terms-tweaks
>> in Thingamy (now all Case, Case File and such known terms) and a quick
>> visit to Gimp to create a new logo for "Case Management", out went the
>> "Work Processor" for that one.
>> So voila, now you can brag that ESME is delivering real time
>> Discussions & Discovery as part of a Case Management System (Note: Not
>> Case Management support tool as most are, proper Case Running system
>> rather, better to automate the boring part of meetings, emailing,
>> reporting and organising I say.)
>> Cheers on a Saturday,
>> Sig
>> p.s. If any of you need a case management system for your work group
>> say so and I'll give you one... can even host it, ESME and all ;)

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