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From Sig Rinde <>
Subject Something not quite right when testing RC
Date Sat, 20 Feb 2010 18:27:19 GMT
Started up a new and fresh RC on my OS X box, did the usual token stuff.

Fired up a new Thingamy instance and connected, all hunky dory.

Logged on as two different users from two different boxes - all fine,
discussion worked all visible etc.

Then logout and log on as any user - empty ESME interface. No Public
timeline. Then new message and, as before, visible. Until logout and
log in again, empty.

All messages are visible in the ESME interface, but after new login
all prior messages are not downloaded. All new messages, own and from
other connections, are downloaded.

Could this be related to the Compass (search function added earlier)?
There's no more "compass-index" folder in db folder I have noticed.

And, no, no changes at all on our side.


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