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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Re: ESME in Thingamy - short report and a question
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 15:34:52 GMT
You may also be interested in the JMX interface
( - it is a work
in progress but it allows you keep track of things.


On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 3:56 PM, Sig Rinde <> wrote:
> Tried a stunt renaming /server/src/main/webapp to webapp2 and it
> certainly cut off 8080 while still allowing the usual API2 stuff to
> happen.
> Was that too radical? Did I break something not obvious there? Does it
> keep all away from all interfaces even if they have the URL? Anyway,
> it was simple and allows me to revert in a jiffy :)
> BTW, forgot to mention that all programming on our side of the
> holidays was done by oldest son (20) who thought he'd spend his days
> off from Maths and Physics at Kings College in London eating and
> lazying :)
> But he knows his stuff and has helped out before having become quite
> proficient in Common Lisp, but Scala was all new to him (yech, that
> looks ugly was his first reaction - took him an hour before he had
> hacked it though).
> Ah, Ethan, saw your mail now: Yes, always good to have a simple way to
> turn off the interfaces, makes things easier for those who only wants
> the server using the API. Anything that I can flip on/off via SSH is
> good (renaming webapp folder works for me if I did not mess up
> something by that).
> Noticed another thing on the ESME site, under 'intallation guides' I
> did not find anything obvious for Linux. Is it as simple as 'apt-get
> install jetty' and then do as I did on OS X? (sorry for naive question
> here ;))

Should be just as easy with linux. If you notice any diffs, just add a
comment to the "Installation Guides" wiki page and I'll add the
material to the wiki.

> Sig
> 2010/1/5 Richard Hirsch <>:
>>> Question: After having set up the ESME server once we do not need the
>>> 8080 interface anymore. Anybody have an idea as how to disable the
>>> ESME webinterface? Preferably without restarting it please :)
>>> I might have missed this from earlier mails though... and just
>>> "emptying" the default.html file does not cut it security-wise I would
>>> think.
>> Either lift based changes (Boot.scala?) or just delete all the html
>> files from WEB-INF directory. The user trying to access via the web
>> would get an lift error but no access.

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