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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Clowns running the show, isn't that nice?
Date Sun, 10 Jan 2010 18:16:29 GMT

Apologies to David as I just wrote him in a private message that I
wasn't going to rehash the past, "including the clowns and jokers
bit". But seeing others join his chorus makes me really angry, so
here's some rehashing.

For what purpose? Mostly venting I guess. Maybe to avoid just slamming
the door and leaving for more fun activities.

I've gotten my fair share of private messages about ESME in the last
week, related to the discussion about removing copyright notices and
to David's departure. That's usually a bad sign, as we expect as much
as possible to be discussed on the project's public list, and the few
issues that need privacy to be discussed on the esme-private PPMC
list. I'll survive I guess, but that's no fun.

I saw David's "clowns to the left, jokers to the right" tweet a few
days ago ( as we where
discussing the copyright notices issues on this list. Considering that
he seems to be angry about ESME, Apache, mentors or all of that I
didn't want to feed the troll. And maybe he was talking about
something else, right? Benefit of doubt etc.

Now I see Vassil joining the chorus with "clowns running the show":

As a mentor who's trying to help ESME go forward despite some bumps in
the road, I'm *very*" disappointed by those sneaky comments behind our

As I wrote on Twitter, I love circuses and clowns, but if the show is
not fun I tend to leave early.

Please remember that your incubation mentors are:

a) volunteers.

b) trying to help the project go forward, which includes coping with
disagreement and some not fun at all discussions over not fun at all
things at times. As a Swiss citizen I can't help comparing our job
with Winkelried's [1] sometimes, and I don't mind being the "bad guy"
sometimes when it comes to putting the project back on the ASF track.

c) imperfect human beings.

d) sometimes having to cope with podlings going south on a Sunday
evening. Is that fun or what?

And thanks to those of you ESME folks who have been collaborating in a
constructive way for getting this project on track - you know who you



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