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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: Issues currently assigned to release 1.0 that I would like to change
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 10:14:43 GMT
Sorry for late reply. Ethan- great work collecting these. This is what I know:

* 53 is almost complete- we miss viewing all pools I can read/write
(not only administer) and deleting a whole pool. These are fairly
* 119-122 shouldn't be easy by just including the lift:msgs element
and adding error or notice to the error message queue. (S.error,
S.notice, etc.)
* 143- implementation not so difficult as indeed clarifying the
concept of how it fits in
* 117- the filter info was there before the page and the controls were
separated in different tabs- the selected dropdowns indicated the
filter criteria. I'm not sure it makes much sense to have it in a
different tab if selecting a menu immediately refreshes the view via
Ajax... but the view is not even displayed, as it's in a hidden tab!
Really seems to me like this wasn't an appropriate case for tabs.

It seems to me there's one very important missing piece- integration
of OpenID in the existing user account implementation. I think this is

There's also some nice-to-have features, like an XMPP action, pool
auditing and lightweight markup refactoring to include a both
performant and more full-featured textile parser.

I'll let you know if I remember something to add.

On Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 5:24 AM, Ethan Jewett <> wrote:
> Actually, I wrote the last email looking for guidance and then just
> went through all the Release 1.0 issues and compiled the list of
> things I want to change.
> I think it's important that we push to get a release out, and part of
> doing this is having a clear view of what is part of the release. When
> we are pushing for a release, I think it is important to identify what
> *must* go in and what can wait. Generally, if something is not
> absolutely required, I think it should go in the next release. If
> someone cares about it and gets a patch in before we release, then
> great, but if not it shouldn't stop the release. Therefore the largest
> list by far is the list of things I want to move to Release 1.1.
> This is the list of issues I've reviewed and more recommended changes
> and rationales. Please review and respond if there are things you
> don't agree with. If there is no objection, I will try to make these
> changes this weekend.
> Thanks,
> Ethan
> Change to "Fixed":
> 1. - Implement access
> pools <-- Looks to me like this is complete
> 2. - Static Texts in
> Resource File <-- Is this complete? We have Chinese translations
> already
> 3. - Change Date format
> to make lists sortable: Users and Streams pages <-- This appears to be
> fixed (I've set it to resolved)
> Change to "Won't fix":
> 1. - Ability to add
> tags to message are missing <-- Tags can be added through hash tags,
> or API
> 2. - Some Licensing Nits
> <-- Seems like the result of the discussion was "Won't fix"
> Move to Release 1.1:
> 1. - HTTP Post Actions
> should post a message with the results of the HTTP post action <--
> Lack of consensus on proper implementation (keep as patch for release
> 1.0)
> 2. - Harmonize code to
> display of users <-- Nice to have, not required for release (also
> blocked by new UI)
> 3. - Harmonize
> tag/found word searches <-- Nice to have, part of new UI build (now
> linked)
> 4. - JMX support <-- Nice to have
> 5. - Unifying server
> calls (JSON-related) <-- Seems like a nice to have
> 6. - Message when user
> is deleted from a pool is missing <-- Seems like a nice to have
> 7. - Messages for
> Action Page <-- Nice to have, and needs more discussion
> 8. - Messages for
> Streams Page <-- Nice to have, and needs more discussion
> 9. - Messages for Track
> Page are missing <-- Nice to have, and needs more discussion (or
> perhaps I'm misunderstanding this group of issues)
> Needs discussion or more information:
> 1. - Current Filter
> Info on Streams page <-- Is this functionality ready for or required
> for a 1.0 release? Perhaps we should hide streams for the 1.0 release?
> 2. - Posting with
> Japanese characters cause problems <-- We need a failing test

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