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From Sig Rinde <>
Subject Re: Wee error
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2010 08:27:15 GMT
Morning creative sleuth work:

1. Sorry, no difference between browsers:
2. If I log on as another user, then log out in anything but root, say
"hosturl:8080/auth_view/" then no problem.
3. If I log out and log on as api_test in root same problem on all browsers.
4. This only for the aws instance, not for my local instance. (aws is
ubuntu, local is OS X)
5. Did a diff between the two (local and aws) webapp folders and found
nothing different (except the .svn stuff which I removed after first
6. Did a diff between full esme directories and found no diff except
.svn folders and that esme on aws held a file named .gitignore.

The server works though, and now I know how to get in there so I can
live with problem and assume it'll go away with a later new and fresh
install... :)

2010/1/25 Richard Hirsch <>:
> might be a lift-specific problem with those browsers.

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