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From Sig Rinde <>
Subject Re: ESME in thingamy... a wee demo video
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 08:34:21 GMT
[unless I'm too late]

Don't know if the 'view' from Thingamy's side + the concept is useful?


Thingamy's 'Work Processor' runs the workflow without glitch with path
choices at most corners - punting a little 'train' of relevant and
inter-realted objects (Workflow/issue/request/idea object - the main
one + Assignment objects) through a workflow. The Assignment objects
holds the task instructions and captures what's done in the assignment
while the Workflow objects holds the details about the
That way an Assignee is presented with a list of relevant objects, all
the pertinent information required for a specific task + the
Assignment object to fill in with result and files.

When having been assigned a task, or when trying to get one's head
around the progress of a workflow there is always a need for ad-hoc
communication with co-workers and/or other participants, "anybody
know...?", "Could somebody help with...?" etc. Normally that would
happen by email, phone or walking over - all of which limits the
discovery of the unknown, like a co-worker having unknown but useful
knowledge or ideas.

ESME adds that crucial part of 'Discovery & Discussion' that
inevitably happens during any process, in a task or when studying the
progress. In addition it should become the natural in-system conduit
for communication as well as the social pivot point, the water cooler,
for the group/department/firm.

Most other E 2.0 efforts tries to add some notion of 'process' on top
of separate and siloed apps drifting towards becoming middleware 2.0 -
better is to have an underlying 'process engine' that gives the main
flow framework and datamodel using social media for the in-task
'Discovery & Discussion'. Crucial is that the data in the two parts
are related - in this case any ESME message can be related to any
Thingamy object adding context to both sides.

I don't know what next step, as in features, will be - our philosophy
is to keep it as simple as possible in the beginning and only add if
it makes huge sense and works in practice. So we'll see, the good
thing is that both ESME and Thingamy are extremely nimble and doing
crazy stunts underway should be easy!

Thanks to all BTW!


2010/1/7 Anne Kathrine Petter√łe <>:
> Great!
> Anything special you would like to add from your side?
> On 7. jan. 2010, at 00.05, Sig Rinde wrote:
>> But of course!
>> :)
>> 2010/1/6 Anne Kathrine Petter√łe <>:
>>> Hi Sig,
>>> Thank you for recording the video.
>>> I will write a post about it on the ESME blog tomorrow if that's OK with you?
>>> /Anne
>>> On 6. jan. 2010, at 20.27, Sig Rinde wrote:
>>>> Hi All,
>>>> just uploaded a shortish (7.5 mins) demo video here
>>>> Third try no less, hard to give it all without confusing... trying my
>>>> best but I don't speak as fast as Mr Howlett :)
>>>> It's kept very simple, but one day when I grow up I'll get good a demo
>>>> videos too...
>>>> Best
>>>> Sig
>>>> p.s. But overall I'm pretty enthusiastic about what ESME can add to
>>>> our Work Processor... even vice-vers, just have to let it play out
>>>> slowly

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