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From Sig Rinde <>
Subject Re: ESME in Thingamy - short report and a question
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 14:56:55 GMT
Tried a stunt renaming /server/src/main/webapp to webapp2 and it
certainly cut off 8080 while still allowing the usual API2 stuff to

Was that too radical? Did I break something not obvious there? Does it
keep all away from all interfaces even if they have the URL? Anyway,
it was simple and allows me to revert in a jiffy :)

BTW, forgot to mention that all programming on our side of the
holidays was done by oldest son (20) who thought he'd spend his days
off from Maths and Physics at Kings College in London eating and
lazying :)
But he knows his stuff and has helped out before having become quite
proficient in Common Lisp, but Scala was all new to him (yech, that
looks ugly was his first reaction - took him an hour before he had
hacked it though).

Ah, Ethan, saw your mail now: Yes, always good to have a simple way to
turn off the interfaces, makes things easier for those who only wants
the server using the API. Anything that I can flip on/off via SSH is
good (renaming webapp folder works for me if I did not mess up
something by that).

Noticed another thing on the ESME site, under 'intallation guides' I
did not find anything obvious for Linux. Is it as simple as 'apt-get
install jetty' and then do as I did on OS X? (sorry for naive question
here ;))


2010/1/5 Richard Hirsch <>:

>> Question: After having set up the ESME server once we do not need the
>> 8080 interface anymore. Anybody have an idea as how to disable the
>> ESME webinterface? Preferably without restarting it please :)
>> I might have missed this from earlier mails though... and just
>> "emptying" the default.html file does not cut it security-wise I would
>> think.
> Either lift based changes (Boot.scala?) or just delete all the html
> files from WEB-INF directory. The user trying to access via the web
> would get an lift error but no access.

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