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From Sig Rinde <>
Subject ESME in Thingamy - short report and a question
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 12:23:48 GMT
Hi everybody,

thanks to many members of this group, ESME now working nicely
inside/beside Thingamy using latest (untouched ;)) commit (Thanks
again Ethan, excellent and fast work!).

(Video coming, but have a flu/headachy thing today so head's too mushy)

In Thingamy:

- (our own) JS client incorporated using API2.
- Messages are tagged by one or more objects in Thingamy (tick box in
each object enables that).
- Messages are filtered by same method from tasks and/or reports.
- Multiple tags/relationships enabled - both adding and filtering, but
limited to the 50 last messages for now, need to include everything
- Reply "button" in message client adds name (as in Twitter) in
response field and tags new message with same tags/relations.
- Enable/disable ESME for system in full and for each user role.
- Uses pools and names the pool by application name which is set in
Thingamy setup interface (under admin) allowing us to use one ESME
instance for multiple Thingamy instances.
- Messages also shows object(s) it's related to (cryptic name for now)
which are links to a graph display of the object and all it's
relations to other Thingamy objects.

ESME server:

- Adding one line to default.props to set admin user
- Sign up as that user
- Create a token, that's all
- In Thingamy setup one sets the application name (names pool) and add
the token.
- When adding users to Thingamy each will (tick box to enable) be
allocated a token and be added to pool

Question: After having set up the ESME server once we do not need the
8080 interface anymore. Anybody have an idea as how to disable the
ESME webinterface? Preferably without restarting it please :)
I might have missed this from earlier mails though... and just
"emptying" the default.html file does not cut it security-wise I would

Next step from my side is to implement at our Amazon server (see some
image building coming up) for the current pilots.

When there, if anybody would fancy a pilot instance including the
whole generic Work Processor template gimme a shout and I'll give you
one. BTW, quite useful to run whatever group your working in, and as
IT consultant/department it's free use to boot.

Questions, demos, discussions are what I live for so any time - skype
or twitter or mail...


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