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From Ethan Jewett <>
Subject The release! - where we are
Date Sat, 23 Jan 2010 22:21:46 GMT
Hi all,

Now that we see the light at the end of the tunnel for our one major
blocking issue, I'd like to further whittle down the list of JIRA
items that need to be fixed for this release to go forward. The list
of unresolved issues for Release 1.0 can be found at

I think this list is too long and includes a lot of issues that are
not completely necessary to put out our first release. I've broken up
the issues into two lists: Those that must be resolved before this
release (licensing, new UI, OpenID, Profile page, and duplicate
username issue) and those that don't need to be resolved. Please see
below for the full lists.

I'd like to move all the issues that don't need to be resolved out of
Release 1.0. Is there anything in the second list that people can't
live without?


Issues that must be resolved:

ESME-47	 UNRESOLVED	 Some Licensing Nits	
ESME-100	 UNRESOLVED	 Finish web UI
ESME-111	 UNRESOLVED	 OpenID login/signon is broken	
ESME-104	 UNRESOLVED	 Profile link is missing	
ESME-132	 UNRESOLVED	 Signup using username that already exists
doesn't result in an error message

Issues that can move to next release:
ESME-105	 UNRESOLVED Add password-related functionality
(forgot-my-password, etc.)
ESME-103	 UNRESOLVED Tabs on Message Page		
ESME-116	 UNRESOLVED	 Actions display user-ids rather than user nicknames		
ESME-117	 UNRESOLVED	 Current Filter Info on Streams page		
ESME-71	 UNRESOLVED	 Pool - related functionality				
ESME-112	 UNRESOLVED	 Timeline doesn't wrap on main page when an
unbroken URL is displayed
ESME-108	 UNRESOLVED	 "View my pools" functionality		
ESME-92	 UNRESOLVED	 Add description to the Access Pool object		
ESME-93	 UNRESOLVED	 After deleting a token no message is sent to the browser		
ESME-130	 UNRESOLVED	 Editing actions		
ESME-115	 UNRESOLVED	 Messages that are created via action should use tags		
ESME-152	 UNRESOLVED	 Posting with Japanese characters cause problems		
ESME-126	 UNRESOLVED	 Remove delete icons from tables		
ESME-127	 UNRESOLVED	 Remove sorting from tables where it doesn't make sense

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