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From Ethan Jewett <>
Subject Jira issue tracking question - regarding release 1.0
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 02:52:12 GMT
Hi all,

In the spirit of Anne's email about coding instead of discussing and
only having 32 issues left to go (!), I think we need a bit more Jira
gardening. So let's discuss it ;-)

Actually, I have a quick question:

There are at least a few Jira issues that are either resolved
( and, irrelevant, or are
assigned to release 1.0 but don't need to be either because they are
not required features or we have not agreed on them

For these issues, is the accepted practice to send an email to this
list proposing to change their status? One email per issue, or one
email for several issues?

I think this is a very simple (and actually fairly important) way to
get us closer to our release.


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