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From Ethan Jewett <>
Subject Admin-users, Integration modes
Date Fri, 25 Dec 2009 14:46:58 GMT
Hi all,

I've been discussing integration modes in Thingamy
( with Sigurd Rinde (cc'd as I'm not sure if
he's on the list). I think Mrinal has also been discussing like mad,
but Mrinal and I haven't discussed with each other, so there may be
some duplication of effort :-).

Sig and company have put some work into a prototype integration of
ESME into Thingamy and I've been thinking about additions to the API2
endpoint that would enable some of the use cases Sig has in mind.

One such use-case is basically ceding control of user-creation and
token-management to a third-party system (like Thingamy, or perhaps
OFBiz). This would allow the third party system to integrate ESME
directly and provide a user experience something like single-sign-on,
but managed completely by the 3rd-party application. An admin user or
group of users would be identified who would be given control over
token-management for all users.

Currently, after reading a bit about Lift roles, I'm leaning towards
using a Lift role hierarchy for the first cut at this problem.
Eventually, maybe we can use pools to drive the assignment of users to
Lift roles. I need to look more into how we assign roles to users, as
the Lift book isn't very clear on this, so this may take a week or so.

Of course, we would not want an administrator to have this sort of
control in general (the ability to grant access to users via the API),
so the sort of admin who can do this should be a special type who is
only used in integration scenarios, and not in a stand-alone server
scenario. I'm thinking of the following Lift role hierarchy for the
first cut:

 - super-admin
   - admin
   - integration-admin

I'll try to draft up a prototype of this authorization setup and API
methods, hopefully working with Sig and team to test it.

Thoughts on whether or not this is a good way to go? Better ideas?


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