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From "Bechauf, Michael" <>
Subject RE: SAP Services in ESME (was: UI widgets for ESME)
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2009 06:50:42 GMT
Not to add to Marcelo's embarrassment, but just to make sure that it's
clear that there is no hidden agenda: I have had no involvement with
Akibot prior to engaging on the ESME dev list. In my opinion, unless a
company has any fantasies about upstaging Twitter, working on an open
source ecosystem for microblogging is the best chance of success. 

Other than being involved in SAP Developer Network, I have no say in
SAP's strategy regarding integration of microblogging solutions, and I'm
at best an influencer with good technology background and of course
experience in the open source world. From my vantage point, if a company
like SAP would be seriously interested in partnerships with proprietary
software companies that offer microblogging solutions, the names of
these companies would likely begin with a T, G or F. I don't think an A
is among that just yet ...

Seriously, even I as a very skeptical person who lived through dot-bomb
times not trusting any of the great business plans (unfortunately ...)
am thinking that social networks are not a fad that will just disappear.
Just as Apache's httpd was the foundation for Web 1.0, there needs to be
something like a ubiquitous infrastructure for Web 2.0. Perhaps that's
what ESME may become. So, I think it would be a wise move for smaller
software companies to get involved in ESME to build that Web 2.0 social
networking ecosystem as opposed to dreaming up a scenario where they
would become the next Twitter. 

I'm glad that we all here seem to agree that the Apache license is a
good license for enabling such ecosystems, with plenty of opportunities
for commercial software companies to innovate. However, at the heart of
such an ecosystem must be a well-architectured enabling technology that
is free of any IP encumbrances. Despite the fact that I don't agree with
David on some of his comments, I certainly do agree with him that core
ESME must be squeaky-clean from an IP-perspective. 

My 2 cents, and my opinions of course are not necessarily SAP's


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From: Marcelo Pham [] 
Sent: Sunday, Dec 06, 2009 2:22 PM
Subject: Re: SAP Services in ESME (was: UI widgets for ESME)

Look what we've created!!

Discussion is heating up. At the end of the day, without that  
intention in mind, with the widgets I brought up an extremely  
important point: an open source Twitter clone for the enterprise (that  
claims to be business-process oriented), without reading any data from  
the enterprise, is almost pointless... they didn't have any discussion  
about this before because they are not even close yet, so this  
discussion is very important for ESME's direction ... maybe in some  
way we are killing ESME (hahahahahaha - enter Akibot's front end !!!!!)

Michael Bechauf is the VP of the SAP Developer Network, he's based in  
San Francisco... David is the Apache guy, very pragmatic on open  

Maybe we should give Michael a call some day, get introduced, see what  
he thinks, ask him about Akibot, start out the conversation ... we can  
contact him without bugging Arlen and save him for bigger/better  
issues. What do you think? we'll discuss it this week

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