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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Build is broken
Date Mon, 30 Nov 2009 07:38:05 GMT
Good morning,

After the all the commits from vassil, I wanted to do a quick
deplyoment but it looks like the build is broken.

Can someone else please confirm that the build is broken. I could wait
until Hudson starts complaining but I'd like to get confirmation as
soon as possible.


[WARNING] D:\temp\esme\trunk\server\src\main\scala\org\apache\esme\lib\AuthMgr.s
cala:78: error: overloaded method value apply with alternatives [O <: net.liftwe
b.mapper.Mapper[O],T,Q <: net.liftweb.mapper.KeyedMapper[T,Q]](net.liftweb.mappe
<and> [O <: net.liftweb.mapper.Mapper[O],T,Q <: net.liftweb.mapper.KeyedMapper[T
,Q]](net.liftweb.mapper.MappedForeignKey[T,O,Q],Q)net.liftweb.mapper.Cmp[O,T] <a
nd> [O <: net.liftweb.mapper.Mapper[O],T](net.liftweb.mapper.MappedNullableField
T]] <and> [O <: net.liftweb.mapper.Mapper[O],T,U](net.liftweb.mapper.MappedField
[T,O],U)(implicit (U) => T)net.liftweb.mapper.Cmp[O,T] cannot be applied to (org
[WARNING]     AuthToken.findAll(By(AuthToken.user, user),
[WARNING]                       ^

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