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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Performance Tests - Suggestions and Ideas
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 07:27:22 GMT
I enhanced the performance test page in the wiki
with more details and test ideas

@Markus: I think it would great if you could do the performance tests
once a week on the Stax performance instance.  Initially, it would be
great just to have test suite that we can run. It is critical that we
can put such tests into our continuous integration cycle but until
this is possible, it would be great if you could just do these short
tests on a weekly basis. That would allow us to make sure that code
changes aren't impacting our performance. I'd like to make these tests
as easy for you to perform as possible.

Although regression testing would be one goal, the changing of small
parameters (adding one action for each user) and seeing the impact on
performance would also be very interesting.

We should probably define some sort of a process that describes the
tests to make sure that the basis is always the same. For example,

1. Drop existing DB - this can be via a stax command
2. Create existing DB  - this can be via a stax command
3. Deploy application - - this can be via a stax command
4. Test - this could be done via maven
5. Take screenshots of Stax console (still have to define which
screens we need - maybe like the ones you sent me last time)
6. Mail all the details to me and I post to wiki



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