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From Markus Kohler <>
Subject First mass user tests results
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2009 21:25:16 GMT
Hi all,
Yesterday night I finally got some tests running.
I still focused on single threaded (serial) tests using Selenium RC Java to
control one firefox browser.
*Test 1, Creating Users*
The first test would create the 300+x users, using a CSV file I generated
from my twitter followers. The test script enters User data including the
url for the avatar and then logs out. Basically that means that during the
test only one user is logged on at any  given point in time. Sorry didn't
make any screenshots of the Stax monitor. Learned in the meantime this would
have been a good idea.
The number of threads went up to 130, which I find  surprising, given that
there were no users on the system in parallel.

*Test2, Logon each user*
In the second test I logon each user and do not logout afterwards. The idea
was to see what the memory overhead of one user is.  I achieved this with
one browser by clearing the cookies after the user has logged on.
The memory_allUsers attachment shows that the number of threads increased
dramatically beyond 1000.

The memory also went up, but this is not at all an issue atm. Compared to
what I've seen so far at Enterprise apps it's very low!

After the test was run, I tried with one browser whether everything would
work still fine. This caused an unexpected behavior of the server. See
cpu_allUsers and memory_allUsers2 attachments.
The system load went up dramatically and stayed there for while. When
entering a message, this message would appear only very slowly or not all in
the users timeline. The number of threads would go down after a while, but
there was a second peak.Not sure where it came from.

What's also interesting is that the number of classes grew overtime.
I would assume that full GC's where running so they should have been
reclaimed, if they would have been only of temporary nature.

Note that Stax seems to run on Tomcat 6 without the async/Comet support of
the Servlet 3.0 API.
The will wait for 7.0 to support that.

As soon as I have some time, I will rerun the test on my local machine,
where I have more tools to check what is going on.
I will also first run it on Jetty to see whether it performs better.

Still I would assume that NW CE will show the same issues and sooner or
later we will have to figure out the root cause.


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