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From Richard Hirsch <>
Subject Re: Actions, tags, and the public timeline
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 17:47:16 GMT
Excellent points.

I think the idea of specifying a pool for the results of an action is
good idea. We just need a new action "resend [pool] -- sends the
message to a particular pool"

Somewhere we described have three types of pools. Public,
by-invitation (publicly visible but you have to be invited and private
(invite only but not publicly viewable) - Don't know whether this will
make it into our first release though.


On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 5:38 PM, Ethan Jewett <> wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 11:55 AM, Vassil Dichev <> wrote:
>> Actions don't explicitly tag the messages. The problem is the
>> long-standing bug ESME-26- URLs are parsed incorrectly (hash sign
>> breaks the url), so the anchor is interpreted as a hashtag. I had some
>> doubts if hashes would clash with URL parsing, but since this bug
>> seems to be popular lately and pops up in all places, I think it's
>> high time for me to try to fix it. (I'm aware I've promised other
>> stuff but not delivered yet...)
> Ahhh... yes, I see. Looks like you've fixed it too? Thanks!
>> Should we eliminate the public timeline altogether? I don't find much
>> use of it either on Twitter or in ESME.
> I think we should seriously de-emphasize it in the UI. Possibly
> eliminate it entirely. For a small instance it is a decent discovery
> mechanism, but in a large instance it will quickly become useless.
>> I think we must be careful with adding too many concepts or things
>> will become too brittle. For instance, imagine that we turn generated
>> actions into some other type of message and we're suddenly not able to
>> filter them from the personal timeline, which benefits keeping the
>> personal timeline nice and clean.
> Agreed, I don't really want another concept, but there is an issue (see below)
>> What you're offering actually sounds a lot like having the message
>> generated by the action put in a specific pool. This is the only type
>> of message which does not show in the public timeline. Then your
>> followers will not be able to see these messages, though.
>> And by the way the RSS action *is* "owned by a particular user" and
>> "pulls in external events from RSS feeds" (did you mean entries
>> instead of events?). I don't see what is the difference from what you
>> want to promote- an action which is not an action? Would it be
>> created/edited in the normal actions page or on a separate page?
> Yes, it is like having an action put a message in a particular pool.
> Actually, this is probably exactly what is needed. Basically, some
> types of action-generated-messages (my Twitter RSS feed, for example)
> I want in my main timeline, displayed to my followers. Other types of
> actions (the Jira RSS feed, for example), I'll not want displayed to
> my followers.
> Dick's solution to this problem was to set up another user for the
> Jira RSS action, so people could follow that user if they wanted. But
> the items still polluted the public timeline. Plus, it was another
> user for him to manage, and we all know how that ended ;-)
> It seems like the correct solution is exactly what you proposed: Allow
> the creator of an action to specify what pool the action's messages go
> into. The default should be the public pool. This way, Dick could have
> just created a "JIRA" pool and people could join that pool to get the
> messages.
> Brings up the question of how to let people join a pool without being
> added. Maybe a pool could be marked as "Public" and anyone could join?
> Ethan

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