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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: Code Harmonization
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 06:45:07 GMT
> I've just created a few JIRA items dealing with harmonization for our
> main objects (users, tags/words, etc). We already have one set for
> messages (comet-based with the display_mesages.js) but it isn't yet
> used overall (like conversations). The idea is that we have a few
> common code blocks for this stuff - which eases up bug-hunting, etc.
> It also means that we can have better re-use.  I don't know scala /
> lift well-enough but ideally, for example,  there would be some sort
> of base implementation for users and then based on different queries
> (followers, total users, users in a particular conversation, etc.),
> the results could be easily displayed.

Dick, that's a really good idea. In the past, we've used
MsgFormat.scala, which is now obsolete (and recently deleted from
svn). The disadvantage is that it deals with layout in scala code,
which we try to avoid. There must be a way to define one or two
templates for how a message should look in markup and reuse that
(maybe one full and one minimal layout).

Another problem in consistent message layout is that there are two
distinct ways we deal with messages- one is from Scala code, and one
is from JavaScript (for real-time updates of the timeline), so the
message goes through different paths before being rendered. Not sure
how we can solve this problem, but at least for all the Lift-based (as
opposed to jQuery-based) code we should try.

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