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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: New Jira task for the public timeline
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 18:46:07 GMT
> @DHe didn't.

Sorry, I wasn't aware you still had questions, I thought I had
answered them. Please don't hesitate to ask again if something is left

> ESME-87 related with three problems.
> 1. user can not access messages which are in mailbox , but is at a pool
> which the user can not access.

If a user is deleted from a pool, the user will still see any old
messages from this pool in their Mailbox. They will not see these
messages in Streams anymore, but please don't be concerned about this
for now- you only need to take care of what happens in the Mailbox for
now, OK?

> 2. after delete user from pool, should refresh user cache. this might add
> many code.

Copy & paste the case classes Distributor.AllowUserInPool and
UserActor.AllowPool into something like DisallowUserInPool and
DisallowPool. In UserActor, when DisallowPool is receieved, instead of
adding the pool to the pools variable, you remove it from there.
That's a couple of lines of code, but it's fairly straightforward and
very similar to what already happens when adding the pool to the
cached list via the aforementioned case classes.

> 3. when save or delete user from pool, there's no history/log record.

We can do this at a later stage and have a separate task. If you
implement it using the NoPermission as another type of Permission, it
shouldn't be difficult to add a timestamp to Permission. Let's create
another JIRA issue and not try to do everything at once.

So, to summarize, what happens at Mailbox is fine, no need to do
anything more. The only thing left is to send appropriate messagess to
the Distributor and UserActor so that the cache is refreshed. If the
latter seems complicated, please let me know.


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