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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: Deleting user from access pool
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 12:32:55 GMT
> Although I do not like delete any data from DB, but consider performance, I
> do it.

Delete data from DB? There was probably a misunderstanding- when you
set a permission for a user in a pool, that's the only time you
"delete" data- it's the old permission setting. You could update the
old permission setting to the same effect. The point is that there are
no two permissions for the same user in the same pool. Then behavior
could be indeterminate, which is a bad thing.

> 1. After I delete user from access pool, the message is send to his/her
> mailbox as before.

I think you got it wrong here- when a user's permission in a pool is
removed, messages from this pool should *not* be sent to the user's

> 2. After delete user from access pool, user can not his/her message which
> already in mailbox before.

No, I'm afraid this is wrong again- by design a user will *still* see
old messages from the time when the user was still a member of this
access pool. Unfortunately I don't remember where we discussed this,
and there may be confusing information in previous documents/mail
discussions about pools.

When I write the "specs" test, hopefully things will be clearer.

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