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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: Deleting user from access pool
Date Thu, 01 Oct 2009 17:33:40 GMT
@David pools are not name-based, but currently there's validation
during creation (both via Web UI and REST-like API) so that one cannot
create a pool with the same name. It would be confusing for the user,
but if this validation is removed, it would be possible to have pools
with the same name.

@Xuefeng Instead of having two fields (respectively two database
columns)- one to indicate read/write/admin permission and one for
disabled/enabled, you could have one field (and one database column)
with read/write/admin and *no* permission. This way we avoid the
situation when there's e.g. admin permission set, but disabled turned
on. You not only must never forget to check both for permission *and*
validity, but also find all existing queries in the code and check if
they include validity checks.

Furthermore, you avoid some tricky issues. How do you find all users
with admin privileges? You find privileges which have value Admin and
validity is set to true. What about the ones with non-admin
privileges? Ones with privileges which either don't have value Admin
or ones for which validity is false? Wrong! With so many checks it's
easy to forget that users with no privilege are effectively the same
as ones which have validity set to false. And for issues like ESME-66
you have to do this same check twice- once for the current user, and
once for all other users. Seems to me it's complicated enough even
without multiple states that mean the same thing.


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