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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: [Lift] JSON handler doesn't respond
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 04:51:38 GMT
I built Lift locally and put dumps in LiftSession's cleanupUnseenFuncs
and updateFuncByOwner. So far I cannot reproduce the problem.

>>    <snapshot>
>>      <buildNumber>1724</buildNumber>
>>    </snapshot>
>>    <lastUpdated>20090828152733</lastUpdated>
>> Do I have the correct updated jar?
> I have no idea.

Since you've mentioned in the past that you're using hudson for
building the lift jars before they're uploaded to the public maven
repo, I was hoping that one can associate the build number or date
with the specific commit.

> Can you specify the exact steps to reproduce the problem?  I have really,
> really tried to make it happen and can't. :-(

I'm using Firefox, on different versions of Linux. I have three users
(e.g. a follows b, b follows c) and I open up the ESME main page in a
separate browser for each user. I post a message for each to make sure
it works. I leave the browsers open and after a while I check again
whether I can send a message with all users. Usually half an hour is
enough for 2-3 of the users to block. The problem can always be
reproduced on the Stax instance, too, by just leaving a session open-
Dick can confirm that it regularly happens to him, too. Maybe he can
add some details on how he reproduces it.

Let's see if the fix works this time. If not, the only difference I
can think of is the browser- you could be using Chrome or Safari. I've
tried reproducing with Chrome in the past once or twice and couldn't.


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