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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject Greetings
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 15:02:48 GMT
Re turtles --

o I've always thought that there is a body of use cases in which 
codes within messages cause those messages to get routed to software 
services that act upon the message in some automated way.

o In my previous writings I've assumed these would be services 
running outside of ESME to which there would be gateways or 
connectors, but having services within ESME itself that could respond 
to these codes would be fine.

o If I get the gist of David's concept it's that (basically) every 
action is a loggable event, every event can get or set data in the 
data store, codes in messages can trigger events which get or set 
data (and maybe state and configuration settings), and that codes can 
be chained together to create "applications".  Is that close enough?

o This creates a command line style of functionality that some users 
will pick up and run with.  If it gets popular enough, then at some 
point a demand will develop for a way to create GUI front ends to 
make it easy for non-command-line-users to invoke this kind of 
application functionality and to interpret the results, with the 
micro-messaging transactions happening in the background.  This will 
ultimately overload the constraints of the micro-messaging format and 
will develop a demand for expanding the capabilities of the 
format.... et ad nauseam.  As I see it that's what happens over time 
if the concept is successful.

Re Theo and Andy the Destroyer --


Re me --

Sorry for dropping out of sight.  A few months ago I got slammed with 
paying contracts and have been swamped ever since.


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