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From Andy the destroyer <>
Subject Re: Stats code
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2009 21:31:45 GMT
I uploaded the patch and modified scala-stats.jar to JIRA (


On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 12:11 PM, Andy the destroyer <> wrote:

> Hi Vassil,
> If you look at the scala-stats library, you need to look at my fork of it
> on my git-hub account ( I added some
> more stats and JMX functionality that ESME is using. I provided a link note
> in the pom section of the patch file. I am in contact with stevej it looks
> like he is going to merge the changes I made into his master branch; I just
> need to finish two more features and write the tests for them.
> I am also working on some actors for the scala-stats lib. I would be
> interested to see your approach regarding stats and actors.
> I agree with you that retrieving stats with messages is a good idea. I even
> started to look at what I would need to do to implement it. However, going
> through the MsgParser was a nightmare. I am relatively new to Scala and very
> new to parser combinators. With no comments in the code I found it very hard
> to navigate my way through it and I moved on to other things.
> As far as licensing goes, scala-stats is under apache license and aside
> from specs only has one dependecy-- configgy, which is also under Apache and
> it's only dependecy is MarkdownJ which is BSD. Actually, the configgy dep is
> optional. We don't even need it to run with ESME. Although, it might be
> worth looking at configgy to manage ESME configs. Just a thought..
> I will submit the patch to the Jira ticket.
> Keep the faith,
> Andy
> On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 4:42 AM, Vassil Dichev <> wrote:
>> Thanks Andy, this looks like an efficient use of an external library.
>> I just heard of stevej's library because it's used in Jonas Boner's
>> new Akka actors library. I need to take a look into scala-stats and
>> see what else we can use from this library.
>> Incidentally, I'm also writing an actor for popularity stats- e.g.
>> which messages have been resent the most in the last time period, or
>> which links have been clicked the most, or which users have been using
>> a certain tag/word, etc. The statistics from this actor should be
>> available in a UI snippet for the user to see, but I see no reason
>> that it shouldn't also be available via JMX.
>> As an aside, we could also make an action in a way that we can emulate
>> a JMX console bot within ESME. For instance, you write a message with
>> text "stats usersLoggedIn" and you get back a message with the user
>> count.
>> I guess after trying the patch we need to check the licenses of the
>> used scala-stats library *and* its dependencies (if any). I am not
>> sure what the exact procedure is for accepting a patch- I think we
>> need a JIRA item with an attached patch where you click a license
>> agreement.
>> Thanks again, it's nice to see find ESME fun to work on!
>> Vassil

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