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From Anne Kathrine Petter√łe <>
Subject Re: Turtles all the way down (or how I learned to love math in computing)
Date Sun, 16 Aug 2009 20:20:00 GMT

I would say we have all agreed that G2 is the way forward.
How you thought about how we proceed from here? Who does what?


On 12. aug.. 2009, at 09.15, Vassil Dichev wrote:

>> Actually, I think this is an extension to microblogging.
>> If I microblog:
>> tcw: dickh re: #ESME standup time: 30min
>> todo: add different authentication to #ESME
>> working on: #ESME authentication
>> done: #esme authentication
>> over the course of a day, those updates are meaningful to humans,  
>> but can
>> also be parsed and used to update structured data.
> In fact, the idea is not new. Take a look at :
> "...simple, open, semi-structured format for embedding
> machine-readable, yet human-friendly, data in Twitter messages...".
> That totally defines what we want to do with actions.
> Granted, you won't see as much interest in processing messages on
> Twitter as in a corporate environment, but @rtm, @timer and
> @iwantsandy are still quite popular.
> I also don't see this as something that replaces what ESME currently
> is, but as a way to extend ESME. Most likely the change wouldn't even
> be noticeable, like when Google introduced Calculator- there's no
> change in the interface, but if you typed "2+2" or "123 in hex" or
> "sin(pi/4) ^ 2", the result would get evaluated.
> Vassil

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