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From Daniel Koller <>
Subject Re: API 2.0 update and design questions
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 21:29:35 GMT
Vassil Dichev schrieb:
>> @Daniel - maybe Vassil can help you there. What exactly was your problem?
> @Daniel- I realize now we intended to make the message parser
> pluggable, but then there was always something which seemed more
> important. I think this is the right time to get back to this issue.
> The problem here is that many of the higher-level parser combinators
> use common low-level combinators, i.e. email address, identifier
> characters (for usernames, pool names, etc.). In order to reuse these,
> it's a good idea to separate and document the low-level parser
> combinators we can rely on (like an API).
The issue was to find whether/how I could reuse the patterns used to
make it recognizable through the pattern.

Another way would be (in Java terms) to let each plugin via a specific
check on its own how it wants to consume message content from esme.

Do we see a flexible MsgParser solution any time soon or should I check
with Vassil on how to hardwire amqp-support?

Kind regards,


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