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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: [Lift] JSON handler doesn't respond
Date Mon, 27 Jul 2009 11:50:41 GMT
>> I've gathered some information on the recent problems where ESME was
>> hanging.
>> The problem seems to be that the json handler, generated with
>> S.buildJsonFunc, sometimes stops working after the browser has been
>> open for awhile. Not all user sessions stop working though (I'm
>> currently trying with 3 open sessions).
>> I've also tried calling the generated JavaScript function manually
>> from each of the browsers and it confirms the fact that for some
>> sessions the handler is not invoked. I execute the function e.g. in
>> the url bar like this:
>>   javascript:F6669067195625JG({'command': 'post', 'params':{'msg':
>> document.getElementById('textdude').value, 'tags':
>> document.getElementById('tagdude').value, 'access_pool':
>> document.getElementById('access_pool').value, 'reply-to':
>> currentConvNumber}});
>> As a result, in the sessions where things don't work the pattern
>> matching on JsonCmd is not reached at all, whereas "case JsonCmd"
>> matches fine where it works.
>> Any ideas on how to debug this? Has anyone experienced the same problem?
> Vassil,
> I have not seen problems like this.
> The debugging tools I user are Firebug on the client and the catch-all
> pattern match on the server.
> If you can create a reproducible case for me, I'll look into it (although
> I'm slammed this week.)

I noticed that whenever I get stuck, I managed to get post working by
logging in and out. What was curious is that even when posting doesn't
work, everything else works fine (but then only posting uses the json
handler, I think).

I'm using Firefox 3.0.10 and I manage to consistently reproduce the
bug after about half an hour. I'll try other browsers to see if it's


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