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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: The Pool stuff is good to go
Date Sat, 20 Jun 2009 11:05:35 GMT
> Another question: Have you thought about deletion of pools and deleting a
> user from a pool.

Most definitely ESME will have this. The Web UI is lacking somewhat at
this point, but will be refined later on. There are also some
usability issues, for instance when a pool is added, it doesn't appear
in the drop-down menu, and the table of pools and permissions is
positively ugly, but I managed to get Ajax to work. I decided not to
focus on the UI at this point.

> Daniel had a good idea about creating a quick client to read a directory
> (ldap) and the use this data to call the rest api. Of course, this is only
> necessary until tighter integration with conatiner functionality is present

Interesting, where can I find more details? You can add a pool via the
Web UI and indicate it's generated from LDAP by setting the realm to
e.g. "LDAP" (we might need to make it more sophisticated in the
future). If there is already an external structure of pools and
corresponding privileges, it should be copied to the ESME database
(currently possible via the Web UI) and not evaluated dynamically, for
reasons of performance and robustness.

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