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From Vassil Dichev <>
Subject Re: Nobody from the ASF is helping (ESME) sustain or build momentum or community
Date Mon, 04 May 2009 06:58:21 GMT
> 1. you can nail it to his perch and rattle the cage, but a dead parrot
> is just a dead parrot no matter what. If ESME is a piece of code
> written by at large by one guy who had to leave, with no one else
> taking the lead, there is very little you can do. At the end of the
> day, code matters: community management, outreach, marketing and the
> like is the sizzle - yet the Open Source community is all about "show
> me the beef".

There is still development going on even in the absence of David. It
might be not be as hectic as in the pre-demo days, but it's still
there. A Twitter-compatible API is finished and there's a lot of
progress on access pools. And once the Scala core is stable, there's a
lot of work on the UI, where we have many more experts on the team.

Exactly because it's all about "show me the code", I know there are
developers with a "wait and see" approach. Developers aren't willing
to commit time and resources before ESME gets to a fairly functional
release and there's a quick return on their investments of effort.

I can't tell if ESME will break this vicious circle, but it's a bit
early to write it off. Time will tell if your hunch is right. Let's
wait and see.


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