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From Anne Kathrine Petteroe <>
Subject Re: How about targetting a "release"?
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 21:12:09 GMT

On 18. mai. 2009, at 20.53, Vassil Dichev wrote:

> I've been thinking myself what it would take to release a finished
> version. A release would make it easier for others to try out ESME and
> a release schedule would motivate us to focus on short-term goals.
> I could add ESME-53 (Access pools), and the associated feature
> requests 54-57. Access pools are a personal itch, as their absence was
> the main reason a certain micromessaging solution has been rejected in
> a team I've been in. A lot of the server functionality for access
> pools is finished and the work left is mostly related to the UI.
> I wasn't fully aware that HTML cleanup from the scala files is
> stopping development of the current UI. If that's the case, I should
> probably put the access pools on hold and focus on this task, so
> others are not blocked by 60-63. Is this the case?

Currently it is a show stopper.

> As for a rewrite- anything more significant than the HTML/Scala
> refactoring is not at all realistic for a release schedule 1 1/2
> months from now. I would prefer that any rewrite with our current
> resources is incremental, if possible, otherwise it would mean ESME
> development is frozen for months. I have no desire to kill whatever
> inertia ESME has without any visible results at this time. It should
> be possible to focus on areas, which are not affected so much by the
> perceived inelegance of the code base. Remember- for the outside world
> it is important for ESME to deliver, otherwise it's easy to conclude
> ESME development is stalled.
> Vassil

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