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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: Nobody from the ASF is helping (ESME) sustain or build momentum or community
Date Sun, 03 May 2009 21:13:22 GMT
On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 10:30 PM, Anne Kathrine Petteroe
<> wrote:
> Some of us, me included, might have had expectations on what ASF could do
> for us in terms of building a community.
> The ASF tag hasn't helped me as much as I thought it would, I still meet
> developers/managers who haven't even heard of the Apache Foundation!
> It has taken me three presentations in my company alone just to explain to
> them what we are doing, and why they should free up time and money for me to
> work on ESME. (which they have agreed to) Coming from the enterprise world,
> building an open source community has definitely not been as easy as I
> thought it would be, not quite sure where to start since I cannot start with
> committing code.

My 2c:

1. you can nail it to his perch and rattle the cage, but a dead parrot
is just a dead parrot no matter what. If ESME is a piece of code
written by at large by one guy who had to leave, with no one else
taking the lead, there is very little you can do. At the end of the
day, code matters: community management, outreach, marketing and the
like is the sizzle - yet the Open Source community is all about "show
me the beef".

2. the carrot and stick approach might work, but it's overly difficult
and tends to piss people off. Overhead and planning is even harder
(see the scrum thingy and the "job post" idea that floated around).
The one thing that always work are itches to scratch: the good thing
is that most of the time they come for free, the bad news is that they
are very hard to find if they're not blatantly visible.

3. I have no reason to doubt you and Richard are wonderful and
professional individuals. Still, ESME needs to find a strong (and yes,
even opinionated) technical guidance to thrive, otherwise it will be
just die a slow, painful death.

With my mentor hat on, I'm more than willing to help assess the
current situation, but know that if my hunches are confirmed there is
more than a good chance that I might advise to give incubation up.

Gianugo Rabellino
M: +44 779 5364 932 / +39 389 44 26 846
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