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From Oliver Kohl <>
Subject Re: Favourite feed
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 07:53:02 GMT
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Hi Anne,

that is indeed a very interesting topic. Just a couple of notes from  
my side:

1. via - first saw this in Tweetie for the iPhone and didn't liked it  
at all. Mostly because it went away from the commonly used Twitter  
vocabulary. No clue why he went that route but maybe he is hanging out  
to much with John Gruber.

2. Your distinction between RT and via makes a lot of sense. One is to  
repost the content, the other to reframe it and add value. For quoting  
someone because you think the person said something deep and  
meaningful, one had to use a RT. For pointing to another source  
(link), a reframing makes a lot of sense, because one can add his own  
opinion and therefore add value.

3. Another way to extract the value of an interesting information  
(from a link) is to either count the number of retweets or the number  
of clicks on this link.

3 a) Count gets hard with all the different shortening services in  
place already because you basically have to resolve the URL and count  
the actual target. I currently have the problem with my WP plugin and  
did see this with all the different URLs posted that point to the  
Affinity Group.

3 b) Counting the number of clicks is a completely different problem,  
which can actually get solved by shortening services. Dave Winer is  
running his 40 Tweets page now for some time and he is using to  
show the actual number of visits using his'ed version of the  
link. Maybe EMSE could need its own shortening service plus  
statistics...just a thought.

4. Favorites - Tweetie on OS X (the new one) is the first client I'm  
aware of that actually show the favorited tweets in the profile view  
for a user. I don't know for how long Twitter gives public access to  
this information (maybe it was always that way) but that also means  
that these tweets could be incorporated into the personal timeline and  
therefore be shown to a user. There is also the flag in a tweet it has  
been favorited by someone else (but not by whom or how many times)  
which could also be valuable.


On 22.04.2009, at 08:56, Anne Kathrine Petter√łe wrote:

> Twitter's favourite stream us not bring used because it doesn't add
> any extra value to your followers at the moment. They have to go to
> the web site and explicitly click favourites to see them. In my
> opinion, this is why RT is being used so heavily, it is the only way
> for you to tell your followers "Hey' read this".
> What I imagine in ESME is a favourite stream which would work like
> "Friends' shared items" in Google reader.
> If we had this we could even make a company-wide techmeme like stream,
> where we show for instance the 10 most read links at any given moment.
> /Anne
> On 21/04/2009, Vassil Dichev <> wrote:
>>> I still think having a separate feed is a cool idea..
>>> It allows you to follow what your following likes and it would  
>>> free up the
>>> timeline for some of the RTs. (the RTs are essentially only a
>>> liking/favourting the tweet)
>> Twitter does have a favorites stream for a very long time (year and a
>> half?), it's just not being used very much by Twitter clients
>> (actually, I haven't seen even one to use it).
>> Alternatives in ESME:
>> - automatically resending messages based on certain criteria (action
>> filters)
>> - replying to a message where you can add content is automatically
>> seen by all of your followers. I actually find this a bit clearer, as
>> I usually want to add something, but there's just no room in Twitter.
>> As I see it, this is exactly the point of the "via" keyword, but you
>> lose the quick link to the context.
>> If favorites are a good idea, then they could definitely be improved
>> from what's in Twitter. I for one don't like much multiple stacked
>> RT... RT... RT...
>> Let's see what we want and what we have in ESME... Maybe the wording
>> of what's already there does not convey the right message (pun not
>> intended)?
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