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From Darren Hague <>
Subject Re: ESME @ CUFP
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 10:35:22 GMT
I'm thinking about it, but like Vassil I'm finding it hard to think about the explicitly functional
parts - most of my contribution has been integrating Java-based search libraries in a more
aspect-oriented than functional style. Also, I need to figure out logistics (admittedly not
too hard - a weekend in Edinburgh could go down quite well).  

Are there any costs associated with attending the conference, other than travel & accommodation?

Heck, I'll probably do it - just give me a little time to warm up to the idea... ;-)


>> The Commercial Users of Functional Programming day-long conference is
>> happening in Edinburgh this year.  See
>> I think it'd be great to see an ESME via Scala and Lift presentation these
>> this year.  I won't be able to go as the conference conflicts with certain
>> important birthdays.  Perhaps Darren or Vassil would like to present?  It'd
>> be a great way to get other FP geeks interested in ESME.
>Darren is certainly much closer to Edinburgh, and the conference is in
>September, so enough time to plan. Darren?
>The interesting question is: what is specific in ESME regarding
>functional programming? Or is the focus of the conference not on the
>functional side? I must admit I don't consider myself a functional wiz
>(perhaps at the level of


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