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From Robert Burrell Donkin <>
Subject Re: Esme Presentation...? [WAS Re: The current state of ESME]
Date Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:52:06 GMT
On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:11 AM, Hirsch, Richard
<> wrote:
> OK. 20 minutes.
> Suggestion: 10 slides

i'm going to jump in with questions and guesses - please correct
everything i have wrong

> 1. Goal

in a sentence or two...?

and how does esme fit into the micro-messaging ecosystem?

where does esme fit into the social networking infrastructure?

> 2. History

i seems to me that this is related to the enterprisey thingy: esme is
an application which could be hosted by a corporation or an individual
either publically, privately or as a bridge (a bit like a jabber
server, say), as opposed to a SAAS offering. how wrong is this

history - i think - is most useful as a way of understanding the
motiviating use cases. what are they?

what about different use cases

what value - if any - would esme bring to support groups of system

what about developers? what value does esme bring to development?

> 3. Architecture

AIUI esme is a ensemble of client and server software - one
micro-messaging server (scala/lift) with a variety of clients

what about bridges to other message servers - twitter? SMS? email? jabber?

how does everything fit together?

> 4. Scala
> 5. Lift
> 6. Technology Highlights (Comet, etc.)

comet - server push over a HTTP stream previously opened by the client...?

used to ensure that message are seen promptly ...?

other highlights?

> 7. Clients - Web - AIR, others

lots of clients

these are still at googlecode, right?

is the intention to host the server here at Apache and foster an
ecosystem of clients outside?


likely to be controversial

<ducks>not sure i'd describe as

has this been developed, or is work still continuing?

how does this relate to the clients? are there any other APIs?

> 9. Why should get involved

top five reasons?

> 10. How you get can involved.
> How does that sound?

a good start :-)

perhaps a little conventional for the short talk format. for longer
talks, the people there have (more or less) decided that they want to
be there. short talks are usually given to general audiences which
mean it's important to grab their attention.

so, the order and emphasis probably need altering a little towards the
audience but this can be easily done later

- robert

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