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From Darren Hague <>
Subject ESME Groups
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 21:10:29 GMT
The results of David and my pub-based design session are now in the 
Apache ESME wiki:

Yes, this is just a photo of a notebook page right now. I will decrypt 
this and update the wiki, but we were basically riffing on how to 
implement the group/pool ideas we all thrashed out here on the list a 
few weeks ago, in combination with a security model which will not 
cripple system performance (not a trivial idea).

Step 1, I think, will be to implement a Security Manager concept which 
can be applied to the reading/writing of messages. Following on from 
this, we can build the internals of the Security Manager implementation 
- this will utilise the group concept. In parallel, it would be good if 
the UI guys can start thinking about how users would create/edit 
groups.  As an initial idea for actually sending the messages, simple 
Twitter-like d- and @-syntax can be used to refer to groups as well as 

Thoughts, anyone?


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