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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject [UI] My update
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2009 18:39:26 GMT

o I was able to spend a few days working on the web UI.  Early on I 
realized that I didn't have a good data model (in the MVC sense) to 
work from, so ended up spending most of my time trying to define one 
(from the perspective of the end-user, not the programmer).

o Faxed ICLA to Apache Foundation.

o Registered at Apache Jira as "bill".


o Want to develop a reasonably complete end-user's data model.

o Then design an initial (and extensible) web UI.

o I'm just starting a major new project for a client, but will try to 
interleave work for ESME.  Can't predict schedule, but would like to 
start discussing the data model with the group.


o Do I have to physically mail the ICLA to Apache, or was faxing it enough?

o I need to discuss ideas for the end-user's view of the data model. 
Is that best done by emailing to 
(sounds awkward), or do we have a discussion board somewhere where 
the various discussion threads will stay organized?


Anne:  Your "investments" work sounds great :-).

Richard:  Thanks re "Web UI Help"; it helped clarify some questions for me.

Richard:  I could enter goals directly into Jira, but would rather 
have the goals vetted by the group first.  At present my (proposed) 
goals are:  Define end-user data model.  Design initial web UI. 
Once we have the data model, it might be useful to break down the UI 
design task into functional areas, and prioritize those, so we can 
have a roadmap for what would be included in successive versions of 
the UI design.


Bill Fernandez  *  User Interface Architect  *  Bill Fernandez Design

(505) 346-3080  *  *

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