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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject Re: [UI] Other UI-related issues
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2009 21:37:23 GMT
Hi Anne--

I'm working on the UI now.  I have about three days available this 
week and I hope I can get enough done before I have to start another 
project next week.


At 10:30 PM +0100 2/10/09, Anne Kathrine Petteroe wrote:
>Hi Bill,
>thank you for your comments.
>I suggest that, in order for the UI development to speed up, you 
>continue working on a UI spec as outlined in your comments.
>I may not agree with everything, but more it is more important to 
>get a UI up and running, than to discuss details endlessly.
>Will you be able to finish the spec in this sprint?

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