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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject Re: [UI] Browser Resizing
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2009 20:00:47 GMT
Hi Anne--

Good points.  Here are some thoughts.

(1) It's true that I initially assumed that it would run in its own 
window, and that it would resize the window in response to certain 
user actions:  shrink/expand, show/hide left sidebar, show/hide right 

(2) Now that you point it out, it's obvious that we have to make the 
design work in a multi-tab scenario as you've described, without 
causing the window size to change when in that mode.  So I'll have to 
factor that into my thinking as I start work on a real UI spec.

(3) I still think the shrink/expand mode of usage will be useful to 
some people, but for those who run in a  multiple tabs mode they can 
simply never click the "Shrink" button and there will be no problem. 
If desired we can have a user-preference as to whether to enable or 
disable this feature so they can never accidentally shrink the window.

(4) I'm not yet sure how to handle showing/hiding sidebars (haven't 
really thought about it yet), but I'm sure I can come up with 
something reasonable to propose.


At 11:01 AM +0100 2/6/09, Anne Kathrine Petteroe wrote:
>before we move on with the development of a new web UI, I would like
>to comment on the use of browser resizing.
>Based on the drawings in Bill's document, it looks like the UI will 
>be living in it's own browser window to work best.
>When I look at the design it looks like it is sometimes not a full 
>browser window but more like  a floating box in a broswer window to 
>See "The Shrunken  Window" chapter for instance.
>I see a possible problem with a UI that runs in a separate browser 
>window. Most modern browsers (FF, IE7+, etc) use tabs.
>Most users have learned to use multiple tabs rather than multiple 
>browser instances.
>Therefore, resizing the entire browser window based on ESME-related 
>changes would cause problems with the other applications that are in
>that browser instance.
>The problem for me with this is that I would never use a UI which 
>needs a seperate window. (unless I am forced to use IE6)
>My browser window is always set to 1024px with at any given time at 
>least 5 open tabs. Google Reader, gmail, twitter and SDN are the four
>services I *always* have open as tabs.
>I would like to see a UI which doesn't affect the size of my browser 
>window, which means in any give state is no wider than 1024 px.
>What do others say about this issue?


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