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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject Re: Sprint 1 Results
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2009 19:45:02 GMT
Howdy all--

Well, I started out with the best of intentions ;-).  I worked out my 
schedule so that I could cram all my work into the last week of the 
sprint.  Then I had a number of unexpected priorities and delays, 
leading to the last week being filled.

I have about a day's worth of work to do to finish up a design for a 
client, then I hope to spend the last four days of next week 
(finally) working on ESME.   My plan is to sign the iCLA and work on 
a preliminary UI spec for the web client.  Hope I can get enough done 
next week, because the week after I start a contract with a new 


At 10:23 AM +0100 2/6/09, Hirsch, Richard wrote:

Our first sprint ends today and I'd like to know the status of the tasks:

Here are the items that we planned and their status to the best of my 

User Interface:

General User Interface (UI) roadmap with order of goals and what 
needs to be accomplished
Adequate description of User Interface architecture
Creation of first sprint specification
Partial implementation  (Web Interface)


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