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From Anne Kathrine Petteroe <>
Subject [UI] Other UI-related issues
Date Sun, 08 Feb 2009 21:57:19 GMT

I would like to suggest a few changes regarding navigation.

There are a few functions which, in my opinion, needs to be easier to  

Instead of having a top bar with icons above the three panes, I would  
like to introduce a top and bottom navigation bar like we had in  
Mrinal's UI.
There are two reasons for this:

1. I would move Help / Logout out of the UI window and place them  
above this window, similar to twitter's current UI.
It would free up space which can be used for entering tags/keywords  
for instance. Tags and keywords are essentially a part of the message,  
so maybe we should make this avaiable to the user in the same pane he  
uses for entering the message? (right now these can only be entered in  
the right sidebar)

2. The reason why I would like to move some functions out of the three- 
pane view is that I would like to see the three-pane view being used  
for sending/receiving messages only.
A top navigation bar could have: Settings / Help / Log Out /  
In a bottom navigation bar I would like to see: Terms of Service /  
Contact / Link to Blog / About Us

Functionality which is in my opinion needs to be easier to access is;
-> Right now these functions are all "hidden" in the sidebars and I  
think most twitter users would like to have a one-click access to these.
a. on message level:
Reply to
Add to favourites
I suggest we do this by adding small icons below/above/on the side of  
the message itself.
b. functionalities:
URL shortening
The URL shortening could be a small icon on the bottom of the UI  
window and the search could be sitting in between top navigation bar  
and UI window for instance.

And we need to think about how we want to display conversations.
I suggest an inline drill down of the last 5 messages. If there are  
more than 5 message the conversation should open in it's own window.


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