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From Anne Kathrine Petteroe <>
Subject [UI] Browser Resizing
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 10:01:43 GMT

before we move on with the development of a new web UI, I would like   
to comment on the use of browser resizing.

Based on the drawings in Bill's document, it looks like the UI will be  
living in it's own browser window to work best.
When I look at the design it looks like it is sometimes not a full  
browser window but more like  a floating box in a broswer window to me.
See "The Shrunken  Window" chapter for instance.

I see a possible problem with a UI that runs in a separate browser  
window. Most modern browsers (FF, IE7+, etc) use tabs.
Most users have learned to use multiple tabs rather than multiple  
browser instances.
Therefore, resizing the entire browser window based on ESME-related  
changes would cause problems with the other applications that are in
that browser instance.

The problem for me with this is that I would never use a UI which  
needs a seperate window. (unless I am forced to use IE6)
My browser window is always set to 1024px with at any given time at  
least 5 open tabs. Google Reader, gmail, twitter and SDN are the four
services I *always* have open as tabs.
I would like to see a UI which doesn't affect the size of my browser  
window, which means in any give state is no wider than 1024 px.

What do others say about this issue?


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