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From Darren Hague <>
Subject RE: [UI] data model and functionality
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2009 12:01:50 GMT

Thanks for this - it codifies nicely many of the thoughts around ESME functionality.  I will
comment in more detail later, but here are a few things to go on with:

1. I think this post would go very well in the Wiki - people could comment there, and any
necessary changes can be made in-place. Perhaps we can set up email notification of any comments/changes
so that they get posted to this list, so as to keep people involved.

2. To address "jumping the walls of privacy" we could allow groups to be members of other
groups. This means that a user wanting to make a message available to Group1 and Group2 could
simply create a new group, "Group1and2" and add Group1 and Group2 as members.

3. I agree that word-frequency clouds should go. They were a great idea, but one that simply
didn't work out in practice - common words (mostly "I") tended to dominate, and eliminating
such common words would be a whack-a-mole task.


>Greetings ESME team:
>In trying to design a proposed end-user web UI for ESME last week, I 
>realized there were too many open issues related to the ESME 
>dataspace (as seen from the end user's perspective), and the 
>functionality associated therewith.  So I spent most of my time last 
>week thinking about those issues.  I have a lot of ideas to suggest, 
>and questions to ask, and thought for the team to review and discuss. 
>It all seems to long and complicated for email, but the esme-dev 
>mailing list seems like the only thing we've got -- so here goes (I 
>do wish we had a discussion board...).
>I hope this all makes sense that that you don't mind me raising so 
>many issues at once.
>by Bill Fernandez, 19feb09

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