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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject Re: [ESME-dev] Sprint Planning Call Announcment
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2009 01:13:49 GMT
Hi Anne--

Sure, I'm just following David's lead as we get re-organized, but as 
we get the project moving I'd definitely want to give people more 
notice and try to make sure that the greatest number of people can 

Thanks for telling me that Tues and Thurs are the normal sprint call 
days.  I'll put that in my notes.

And of course the call is not the only time we can talk :-).  After 
the call I expect that you, Mrinal and I will need to figure out how 
to coordinate our efforts.

Does that all sound OK?

At 1:01 AM +0100 1/9/09, Anne Kathrine Petteroe wrote:
>Hi Bill,
>I won't be able to join the call tomorrow on so short notice unfortunately.
>If it is possible next time could we have the calls on a Tuesday or 
>Thursday? (these are our normal sprint call days)
>I have arranged my week, so that I have time off on these two 
>evenings for the calls.

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