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From Bill Fernandez <>
Subject Re: RE: The ESME to-do list
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2009 02:38:36 GMT
David et al, some questions:

o How does a sprint work?

o What is a sprint-planning call?

o How do I participate (I assume I'm supposed to)?

o You gave a date, but what time of day (and in what timezone)?

o Do we know yet what the goals are for the UI?

o It's been mentioned recently in one of the emails that there were 
some (presumably important) features missing from my UI write-up. 
Are those the thing I mentioned as being unfinished, or are there 
other things I didn't cover?  And if so, can someone give me a list?

o Any guidance/guesses on how Mrinal, Anne and I should split up the work?

o What's the status of the installation, administration, maintenance, 
troubleshooting, etc. UIs?

o I see on the CC list "".  Am I on this 
list?  Am I supposed to be?

o What if I want to change my email address on this list - how do I do that?

o Do we all get Apache foundations email addresses we're supposed to 
monitor?  If so, what's mine and what are the access parameters?

o What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything.... ;-)


At 4:21 PM -0800 1/7/09, David Pollak wrote:

Sorry about the delay in wrapping this thread up.  As some of you 
know, I'm writing a technical book (I'll let you know title and 
subject once APress accepts the manuscript and makes the book public, 
but you all can probably figure it out) and the first three chapters 
were due 1/5.

Based on the volunteers, etc., Here's the work-team list:

Bill will lead the UI efforts and work with Mrinal and Anne on the 
Air and HTML clients.
I'll work with Vassil on REST API, internal msg routing, access 
control, and plugins.  Any assistance Darren can lend would be 
appreciated.  We'll divy up the work and designs among us.
Darren will work on search (you did volunteer for this didn't you?)
I'll work on federation
Let's do a sprint from 1/12-1/30 (three weeks) with a sprint-planning 
call Thursday (1/8) or Friday (1/9).


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